FREE Installation of Estimated Time of Arrival System on Vehicles

First HKD $1000 Sugar Birdie Scheme in Hong Kong
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Demonstration of mobile application on iOS





Easy Installation

Reducing installation cost with Plug and Play. Avoiding manual control with our Smart Management System.

Effective Management

Monitoring the fleet performance, better service quality. Renovating your brand, seize the opportunities of being Smart.

Less Frustration

Checking the arrival time, life becomes more flexible. Checking the instant location, an extra peace of mind.

Core Parts



GPS tracker is deployed to collect the real-time location of the vehicle, and the cloud system and customized algorithms are used to compute the estimated arrival time of each vehicle.

Installation process of the GPS Tracker is streamlined to avoid any manual setup. Accelerometer (three-axis accelerometer), Gyroscope and GPS module are deployed to collect comprehensive transport data to analyse the driving behaviour and conditions.

Backend Control Panel

Through back-office management systems, clients can monitor the fleet performance, restore driving records and review various operational data.

Control panel can be customized to monitor and review transport conditions at any time. Clients can also optimize fleet formation with flexible deployment, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

End-user Mobile Applications

The mobile applications are available in both Android and iOS versions. Passengers can check the arrival time crystal clear.

Checking the estimated arrival time of the upcoming vehicles, passengers can also check the instant location of both the stations and vehicles. User interface design and additional features can be customized based on clients’ preference.

Cloud Computing

Acquiring the instant location of the vehicles, the cloud will compute its estimated arrival time and present it to the user through the mobile applications.

Machine learning technology considering multiple influential factors is deployed to ensure a high accuracy rate on the estimated arrival time. Through the partnership with Microsoft in technology development, the system operates a real-time on-site forecasting system with the Azure Cloud System to handle high-traffic utilization scenarios.

  • 1
    $1000 Sugar Birdie Scheme (2 Months)

    Building a customized real-time arrival forecasting system and algorithm for one vehicle at the cost of HKD $1000. Significantly reducing the risk of heavy investment for experiential trials. Experience product quality first and decide collaboration later.

  • 2
    Arriving Birdie Plan (2 Years)

    Free hardware installation, free installation of real-time arrival forecasting system for all vehicles with fixed driving routes from clients. With a reasonable and affordable monthly maintenance cost, clients can enjoy high quality management, performance monitoring, travelling and customer service experience.

  • 3
    Almighty Birdie Program (Advanced)

    Additional features (e.g. user interface design, seat reservation, notifications, etc.) can be customized according to the needs of the clients. Enhancing the brand image of the organization, leading the industry standard, and capturing opportunities of being smart and intelligent.

Demonstration of mobile application on iOS
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2019 HK ICT Silver Award

Anywhere. Anytime.

When the system is online, passengers can download the mobile applications in both Android and iOS versions. Checking the vehicle arrival time anywhere and anytime.

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